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Dugros. Bring on the demand

There are plenty of brands. Anyone can make bags. The ideas for leather goods are numerous. But successful retail demands more than that. It demands a direct response to trends, while there's still a profit to be made. It demands continually surprising consumers before they shop at the competitor's. It demands making designs for high-volume market segments affordable. This can only be done if there is a party that follows the trends and translates these into commercial collections. A party that doesn't waste euros but that leaves the savings to the consumer and the profits to the retailer. A strong importer that doesn't settle for what the market has to offer but creates market supply itself. That party is Dugros. We are a connecting link that converts opportunities for retailers into successes on the shop floor. Moreover, we are a service provider that doesn't just shift boxes but supplies ready-made propositions. Dugros. Bring on the demand.

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