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Sustainability & fairtrade

Sustainability is of paramount importance to us. We are transparent about our progress. In addition, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our sourcing, production and transport.

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Our vision for sustainability

Dugros is striving for a transparent production chain with as little energy consumption and waste as possible, as well as the best working conditions. We only work with certified or audited suppliers. We aim to achieve our goals by working closely with our partners.

Quality Marks

For us, people and the environment are the most important factors. For this reason, we only operate at production sites affiliated with AMFORI that have been rated C or higher. In addition, a number of our preferred manufacturers comply with the SA8000 standards and have the LWG status. In this way, we can not only guarantee the quality of our products, but also good working conditions and attention to the environment.

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Our partners

By collaborating with organisations such as MVO Nederland, Solidaridad and ProductIP, we know that we can achieve our objectives. Sharing, increasing and combining knowledge allows us to move forward together. Within our company, throughout the Netherlands and abroad!


SDG's Dugros MVO

The abbreviation SDG stands for 'Sustainable Development Goals' and is a UN initiative. A total of 17 goals have been formulated and these are being pursued by partners worldwide. Dugros is currently focusing on 4 of these goals: no poverty, decent workplaces and economic growth, responsible consumption and production, and implementing partnerships to achieve our objectives.

Goal 1: No poverty

In pursuit of this goal, we mainly utilise audits via AMFORI and SA8000 certification. Both of these institutions closely examine the minimum wage and living wage in the countries producing goods. In addition, in our own factory, we try hard to look after our production staff properly. For example, we have already implemented various initiatives at our factory, to free employees from awkward financial situations.

Goal 2: Decent workplaces and economic growth

AMFORI and SA8000 also play an important role in achieving this goal. These audits and inspections focus on the working environment and employee remuneration. In addition, we regularly visit our production partners on site. In this way, we can gain insights into the situation and try to build positive and open relationships. This gives us the opportunity to share our values with regard to people and the environment. During the purchasing process, we make sure that a low price does not occur at the expense of the production employees. The bottom line is not always good for everyone.

Goal 3: Responsible consumption and production

The AMFORI certificate also plays an important role in our responsible production. Our impact on the environment and our levels of consumption are both addressed in these audits. Dugros India is currently certified with the LWG (Leather Working Group) Bronze status. The goal is to achieve Gold status by 2025.

Goal 4: Partnerships to achieve our objectives

We encourage our leather goods partners in the production countries to invest in CSR initiatives. This is why we strive for long-term cooperation - so that their investment in audits, quality marks or measures is worthwhile. In the absence of these measures, we will not place our orders.

We are working with NGOs, such as MVO Nederland and Solidaridad, on projects and ideas to bring about changes in our sector.


More about sustainability

Would you like to learn more about our CSR policy? Contact our CSR Manager, Pieter Brussaard. He'll be happy to tell you more!

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