For kids and adults

To ensure maximum comfort and protection of the back, all Beagles Originals bags are ergonomically shaped at the back and fitted with padded shoulder straps. We use natural cotton, covered with a biodegradable transparent coating and a durable cotton look or high-tech polyester with a water-repellent coating. Both materials are enjoyable to use and easy to wash.

The bags from Beagles Originals are suitable for every adventure. There are cool prints for boys and girls, but also neutral color for adults.

Our best sellers

Beagles Originals consists of a number of collections and includes a total of several dozen models. A few of the bags are very popular. These best sellers are in stock in our Cash & Carry and can, of course, be ordered online.


A basic bag for boys, girls, men and women

Travel bags

For overnight stays or weekend getaways


A sweet, but also though print for girls


Dangerously tough and ready for an adventure

What makes Beagles Originals unique?

This bag brand is available exclusively from Dugros. Because we create our own designs, these bags are unique and we can quickly adapt our collection to the new trends among the target group.

Buy each product individually from stock, no pre-order required

Good price-quality ratio 

For kids and adults

Looking for a Beagles Originals bag?

As a wholesaler we exclusively sell our bags to businesses. If you're a consumer and have found your way to our website but would still like to have one of our Beagles Originals bags, please send us a message on Instagram or Facebook. We'll find a retail location near you and send the information to you.