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Commercial basics

There are products you simply must have in your product range. Basics that always sell well, because they have an excellent price-quality ratio. The Double-D range consists of quality purses. The product range is very varied. From women's harmonica purses to billfolds and card holders. 

Our top sellers

The presentation of a product has an enormous influence on sales. It is no coincidence that the top 3 best-selling Double-D products are sold from display boxes. These boxes can be filled with individual items, so there is always a well-filled display.


Creditcard cases


Key cases


Men wallets

What makes Double-D unique?

Double-D is available exclusively from Dugros. As a result, you benefit from the many advantages that the Cash & Carry and webshop offer.

Buy each product individually from stock, no pre-order required

Excellent price-quality ratio

Easy ordering through the webshop or representatives

Made of genuine leather