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Our mission and vision

The leather and fashion industry has many sustainability challenges. We believe that as a company we play and important role in reducing the impact of our activities on the environment and creating a sustainable society. We have therefore developed a clear mission and vision that gives us direction and helps us achieve our goals.

Our mission
We want to make fashion accessories not only affordable, but also sustainable.

Our vision
In the upcoming years, Dugros wants to have a proven positive impact on people, the environment and society through the sale of fashion accessories.

Our core sustainability themes

Dugros' sustainability policy focuses on 4 key themes. These themes provide direction and represent the main challenges for the coming years. We report each year on these themes in our annual report.

Inspiration for the future

We inspire our colleagues, customers and suppliers by putting our CSR policy into practice. We communicatie about it, share knowledge, seek cooperation ans tell success stories.

A sustainable product range

By working with more sustainable materials, we contribute to a better environment. We make our assortiment more sustainable by designing differently and using other or fewer raw materials.

A sustainable supply chain

As a buyer of fashion accessories, we have direct influence on conditions in the supply chain. Together with our production partners, we look for more sustainable ways of working. In addition, we work exclusively with BSCI or SA8000 locations.

Transparency in the supply chain

Making the supply chain transparent gives everyone insight into the conditions within the chain. We make use of NGOs and participate in projects in production countries.

Our vision for sustainability

Dugros is striving for a transparent production chain with as little energy consumption and waste as possible, as well as the best working conditions. We only work with certified or audited suppliers. We aim to achieve our goals by working closely with our partners. By collaborating with organisations such as MVO Nederland, Solidaridad and ProductIP, we know that we can achieve our objectives. Sharing, increasing and combining knowledge allows us to move forward together. Within our company, throughout the Netherlands and abroad!

Minimal energy and waste consumption

We only cooperate with AMFORI-affiliated factories rated C or higher

These preferred manufacturers comply with the SA8000 standards and have the LWG status

Partnerships and knowledge enrichment

Focus on Sustainable Development Goals

New: Zeology

Dugros and its partner factory Dugros India have invested time and effort in acquiring knowledge and experience to work with Zeology®. At this moment Dugros has successfully produced orders for large multinational customers. Our partner factory has been prepared to work with Nera’s Zeology®. This blog provides all the information you need to understand this concept. Interested in this new tanning concept? Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

Sustainability in 2022

We are aware that we can make an impact with the sale of million of bags, both on people and the environment. Together, we don't shy away from any challenge. This was proved again in 2022. In 2022 we decided to set up a CSR working group, self-generated 125% of our energy and started producing bags with a new way of leather tanning. Of course, we worked on much more in the past year. Read what we accomplished in 2022 and what our new ambitions are for 2023 in this report.

Our CSR working group

At Dugros, 5 colleagues work on shaping and implementing the CSR policy. Together they form the CSR working group. The group consists of colleagues from logistics, marketing, purchasing, back office and sales. Through the huse of a working group, CSR is alive among all departments and there is more support for new developments.

ISO 9001 certificate

We hold the ISO 9001 certificate. This certificate emphasizes that a company focuses on the importance of customer requirements, quality and continuous development. With us, customers are our focus and we are working every day to improve processes and take advantage of opportunities.


Amfori BSCI is an international association that helps international companies improve working conditions in their supply chains. Together with Amfori, we want to ensure more sustainable and fairer trade.

Our partners