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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is a particular bag still in stock? This bag is no longer available on your site.

    It is possible that a product has completely sold out and will not be available again. In that case we will no longer show the product in the webshop. But it is also possible that the product has temporarily sold out. You can still place an order, we process it as a backorder and deliver it as soon as there is again stock.

  • What does the demo account include?

    Are you curious about the extensive range of Dugros? By creating a demo account you get direct access to the webshop. The prices of the products are not visible in your demo. Interested in becoming a customer? Go to 'My account' and click on 'Become a customer'. Fill in your company details and then click 'Confirm'. Once we receive your request, we will check the data and if it is approved you can place an order within 2 working days. 


  • I just opened my order, but one of the bags is broken.

    We're sorry to hear that. If you have not already done so, please email pictures of the defect, along with the article number and colour to We will then determine the best solution.

  • I'm missing some items from my order, but they are included on the invoice.

    We apologise for your inconvenience. Please inform us of the article number, colour and number of the item you are missing, so that we can check on its status. There may be another box of goods on the way. We will check this issue, for you and will send you further information regarding your package. In addition, it is possible that the articles were, for whatever reason, not sent to you. In that case, we will make sure to send you the missing items.

  • Some items are missing and they are also not listed on the invoice.

    It sometimes happens that an item is unexpectedly not available. If this is the case, we will try to inform you immediately. The article will then automatically remain in your back orders. As soon as it becomes available again, it will be sent to you.

  • When will my order arrive?

    We understand that you would like to receive your purchases as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate you, but this is not always possible. Our policy is: items ordered before 2 pm are shipped the same day.

  • What is the minimum order amount and when is my delivery fee paid?

    The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

    • We have a minimum order amount of EUR 50*.
    • For orders with a value up to EUR 250*, we charge a EUR 10 handling and shipping cost.
    • For orders with a value from EUR 250* to 450*, we charge a EUR 7.50 shipping cost.
    • From EUR 450*, your order will be delivered free of charge.

    Other (non-)European countries:

    • The minimum order amount is EUR 450*.
    • For orders with a value up to EUR 1000*, we charge a EUR 15 handling and shipping cost.
    • From EUR 1000*, your order will be delivered free of charge.
    • For countries outside the European Union, we charge EUR 30 for the export documents.

    *Prices mentioned are excl. VAT.


  • Where is my invoice?

    All orders are invoiced at the end of each day. If you haven't received your order after two days, please contact so that we can check what has gone wrong and send your invoice.