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A collection to suit your target group

Would you like to add a unique product to your range that fully meets demand from your customers? This is possible with a strong own label. As well as differentiating you from the competition even better, a private label also gives you control over quality, price, promotion and packaging. We are ready to make this plan a success together with you!  

Years of experience

Sustainable production in the Netherlands and Asia

From design to logistics

Customised themes

In our themes we incorporate current topics with products that you can complement your assortment with. You can easily get to know the themes by downloading the brochures and magazines. They are full of inspiration and products for your assortment.

ISO9001 certificate

As an international wholesaler, we are constantly on the move in order to offer optimal products and services to our customers. ISO9001 certification is based on eight quality-management principles. Dugros has been audited and complies with these eight principles: 

Focus on the customer


Employee engagement

Process-based approach

Organisational context

Continuous improvement

Fact-based decision making

Risk-oriented thinking

The ISO9001 certificate enables us to work more efficiently, comply with legal and regulatory requirements and continue to develop.

Concepten op maat

Een private label brengt veel voordelen met zich mee. Maar natuurlijk kost het, vooral vooraf, een heleboel tijd en energie. Het wiel opnieuw uitvinden is niet nodig, daar zijn wij voor. Met onze in-huis specialisten op het gebied van design, marketing, inkoop en orderbegeleiding ontzorgen wij u van start tot finish. Wij geven eerlijk en concreet advies over de materialen en modellen, met het oog op resultaat. Samen kunnen we meer uit uw lederwaren halen.

Production in Asia

Our partners in China and India can produce high-quality products on a large scale. They do this in a responsible way, based on extensive experience. We monitor this through SA8000, AMFORI and LWG. We visit Asia several times a year to oversee production and working conditions. We carry out on-site quality controls from our offices in Hong Kong and Kolkata. 

Production in the Netherlands

Our Dutch factory is located in Sprang-Capelle. The village has a long history in leatherworking. At this location, passionate colleagues produce authentic and high-quality leather goods. The leather we process here comes mainly from the Netherlands, which makes the products truly sustainable. 



Are you interested in starting a private label brand? Please contact us at (31)186 630 270 or send us an e-mail: