Purchasing bags at Dugros

Dugros offers you the possibility to buy individual bags, belts, wallets and suitcases. This solves the risk of overstocking and means you will always have room to purchase the latest trendy bags.

The concept behind the Cash & Carry is simple. With your shopping cart, you can stroll past all the bags, belts, suitcases and wallets, looking out for those perfect products for your store. Along the way, you can ask Koen & Mariëlle for advice. Finished shopping? All that's left to do is to pay, load up and go!

Everything under one roof

Buy individual products

Free trend advice from Koen & Mariëlle

You can find these brands in our Cash & Carry

In our Cash & Carry, you can purchase bags from 15 unique brands. You will find a variety of brands with products for women, men and children. Want to see more of our brands? Then visit our showroom as well. Here you can get instant inspiration and discover the latest models.

Purchase bags in our Cash & Carry

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