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We are your partner for leather goods

Are you looking for a supplier of leather goods that can help you sell more products? Would you like a partner who knows from experience what will sell well in your store? Then you've come to the right place with Dugros. We want to be more than just a distributor, we want to become your partner. This means a party that will work with you to capitalise on opportunities in the market, while leaving the profit to you. As a partner, we know what you really need: more turnover, more customers, speed, no hassle and less risk. 

The advantages of being a Dugros customer:

Keep your (stock) risk low by buying individual products

Benefit from the convenience of having everything under one roof

Place orders easily and quickly via the webshop

Increase your turnover with commercial brands and models

Become a customer easily and quickly 

Are you interested in our products, but you'd like to be certain about our business before you become a direct customer? We understand that! After making a customer request, you will first have access to our demo environment. With this account, you can view our product range at your leisure. Have you had enough of looking around, and are you ready to see the prices and place an order? Go to 'My account' and then to 'Become a customer'. Fill in your company details and we will assess your request within 2 working days. Are you curious? Request an account below to gain access to the demo account!