Bags with a story!

At Micmacbags, we see adventure in everything. We use the stories we get from these adventures as inspiration. This allows us to surprise you every six months with a new collection. All with their own unique story. Micmacbags is a never ending story with extraordinary, surprising chapters and bags. With over 15 collections, we ensure that there is always a collection to suit you and your customers.

Our Micmacbags collection

The Micmacbags collection consists of several series. Each series consists of different bag models and colors. Every six months we release a new, unique series. These series all have their own unique story inspired by adventures we experience and stories we read. Below you can see a small selection from the collection of Micmacbags. Curious about the latest collection?

Coming Soon

Earth collection

With this collection, you make a more conscious choice and together we make the world just a little bit better.


Next Navajo collection

She carefully chose a beautiful shoulder strap, hand-woven by local artisans, and paired it with a modern leather bag. It was a bridge between her past and her future, a symbol of pride.

Everyday collection

The bags in this collection remind you of the bag you used to have. They can go anywhere with you. Ready to embrace a abundance of adventures?

Marrakech collection

Imagine yourself in the East with the bags of the Marrakech collection. With beautiful earth tones and a nod to Moroccan tiles.

What makes Micmacbags unique?

Unlike other Dugros brands, Micmacbags products are only supplied to selected dealers. As a Micmacbags dealer, you are not only able to sell these beautiful leather goods, but you also benefit from various other advantages. We'll sum them up for you:

Buy each product individually from stock, no pre-order required

Exclusivity in your environment

Easy ordering through the webshop or representatives

A renewed product range for your customers every year