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An adventurous bag brand!

Every day, Micmacbags is inspired by the adventurous and challenging way of life of the Micmac Indians. Whether you're looking for a stream with cool water or trying to find a nice coffee bar, everything is an adventure. This drive for discovery literally and figuratively takes our team to beautiful, inspiring locations. This initiates the designs for the leather Micmacbags bags and small leather goods. From leather purses to handbags, everything is designed in the Netherlands, handmade in our own certified factory and inspired by the beautiful world around us. Follow the journey! 

Our Micmacbags collection

The Micmacbags collection consists of 8 series. We renew the collection every year by phasing out a number of series and replacing them with new ones. This keeps the collection fresh and the customer interested. Below is a small selection from the Micmacbags collection. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Friendship collection

The Friendship collection consists of colorful unique bags with two shoulder straps, one woven and one leather. The summery bag hanger completes the Friendship bag.

Highland Park collection

Leather bags with a vintage edge. The leather is colored by a unique wash, which gives it a unique look. The Highland Park is inspired by Scotland.

Porto collection

A colorful collection inspired by the bustling city of Porto. A diversity of women's bags, backpacks and wallets with a timeless look. Perfect for travel season!

What makes Micmacbags unique?

Unlike other Dugros brands, Micmacbags products are only supplied to selected dealers. As a Micmacbags dealer, you are not only able to sell these beautiful leather goods, but you also benefit from various other advantages. We'll sum them up for you:

Buy each product individually from stock, no pre-order required

Exclusivity in your environment

Easy ordering through the webshop or representatives

A renewed product range for your customers every year