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Dugros X Retreev

You are at the beginning of your vacation, eager to discover the new destination and have unforgettable experiences. At the airport you notice that you have lost your bag? You panic and fear that you will never see that bag again. Now what? By attaching a Retreev Smart Tag to your bag, anyone who finds it can help you return it to you quickly and safely.

We explain what Retreev Smart Tags are and what you can get out of this partnership!

What is a Retreev Smart Tag?

A Retreev Smart Tag is an innovative luggage tag designed to protect the owner's identity while guaranteeing the retrieval of your luggage should you lose it. Unlike ordinary luggage tags, the Retreev tag contains no directly visible personal information, reducing the risk of identity theft. The tag is built to last, with a ring of reinforced stainless steel that can withstand more than 50 kg of force. When someone finds your lost bag, the finder can contact you immediately by scanning the tag.

The benefits in a nutshell: 

  1. Lifelong warranty
  2. No subscription fees
  3. Functions with all bags
  4. No batteries required

What are the options?

Before we started working with Retreev, we thought about the different possibilities. After all, we want to make the tags available to each of our customers. Below you can read what the options are for both SMBs and chain stores.

Retreev for small business

The Retreev tags are a perfect addition to your current range of travel products. The tags will have the corporate identity of our brands, such as Charm London and Beagles Originals. As a result, they will fit seamlessly with the travel bags and suitcases you already have in your assortment. These smart and stylish tags will contribute to a complete assortment.

Retreev for chain stores

Retreev tags are a unique addition to the current assortment. What makes these tags so special is the possibility of personalization, making them perfect for specific needs. Complete your assortment with Retreev and give each trip a personal touch.

Want to see specific examples? Then request our Retreev presentations by emailing We will be happy to show you all the possibilities and discuss next steps!

Want to know more about Retreev?

Really want to know all the ins & outs of Retreev tags? Then check out Retreev's website! There you can read even more about how the tags work and the benefits!