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Welcome to Dugros!

We are delighted with your customer reuqest and appreciate your enthusiasm for our products. You will receive a confirmation e-mail within a few working days. Once you have received this mail, you can place your first order!

Please note: We consider our current customers and will therefore not accept all customer applications.

More than just buying bags

We think it's important to provide you with more than just beautiful bags. That is why you will find several benefits in your customer account that you can take advantage of:

The favourites list
Within your account you will find a favourites list, so do you want to buy certain products more often or save them up for a larger order? Then the favourites list is ideal!

The image bank
The photos we take are yours to use as well. At the bottom of the website you will see the heading 'image bank' under Dugros+. When you click this, you will find all product images per brand and have access to all photoshoot images that were made.

To bring you the latest bag trends, we are trend-watching every day. For each season, we offer an up-to-date trend report, so you know exactly which bags fit the season perfectly.