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What is Zeology?

Zeology is a sustainble alternative to existing tanning agents. It is chrome-free, free of heavy metals and aldehyde, because it's zeolite-based. Zeolite is 100% volcanic clay mineral. Zeology delivers sustainble leather and superior leather performance. That's what makes zeology unique compared to both traditional tanning agents and other existing sustainble alternatives. Zeo White, the intermediate of Zeology tanned leather, is unbeatable in features like grain density, physical leather properties, light fastness and heat-resistance.

How did the innovation come about?

For the past several years, Nera has been working on Zeology. The solution has been carefully tested by looking at it from a scientific, environmental, application, leather and performance perspective. By working with more than 25 external partners, Nera has been able to properly test this solution. Nera has collaborated with research institutions, external laboratories, suppliers, brands and experts. Most importantly, the main collaborations that have taken place are with leading tannery groups.

What are the benefits of Zeology?

Zeology serves as a sustainable alternative to current tanning agents. As mentioned earlier, Zeology is chrome-free, free of heavy materials and aldehyde. Using Zeology provides less pollution, less discharge of chemical waste and wastewater, no chromium or glutardialhyde (GDA). In addition, Zeology is better biodegradable when it comes to tanned material.

These are the benefits for tanneries:

Cosistent and predictable results (within and across batches)

It is easy to implement

Zeology allows lime split and full substance tanning

Enables production of chrome-free white splits

Zeo White shavings compostable

Grain tightnes, a flat grain with closed follicles

Zeo White is light colored, making white and bright coloured leather possible

Zeo White is lightfast and heat resistant

By using Zeology, we give consumers the choice to make a responsible purchase. It also offers environmental benefits for authorities and trade associations and improves the sustainability image of leather.

Specific benefits for equipment manufacturers & brands

There are specific benefits for Original Equipment Manufacturers and brands. We have divided these into sustainble, sales and design benefits.

Sustainable benefits

Chrome-free leather: no risk of chrome VI formation

Tannery waste streams do not contain chrome: positive effect on the environment

Improved compostability of tanned material

Image & sales benefits

Meeting customer demand for chrome-free leather

Meeting customer demand for responsibly sourced materials for their intermediates/end products

A step forward in the production of compostable leather, when combined with suitable compostable wet-end and finishing materials

A step forward towards a circular economy

Design benefits

Whiter leather compared to traditional tanning

Bright colored leather as the white Zeology tanning agent doesn't alter the color of the leather

The opportunity to use lightfast and heat-resistant leather

High quality physical properties for the designer to work with

Do you need more information?

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