Shopping for suitcases at Dugros

Whether adventure travelers or travelers for a sun vacation stop by your store, a reliable suitcase is important for a smooth trip. That's why at Dugros, we make sure everyone can go on vacation feeling safe. Through our range of suitcases, you give your customers the opportunity to choose from a variety of sizes and colors.

Suitcase sets

The complete solution for all types of trips.


Available in different sizes and colors.

Wheel bags

Wheel bags roll around with you effortlessly. For trouble-free journey.

Travel accessories

For an organized trip. Complete your travel assortment.

Beagles Originals suitcases

With our Beagles Originals suitcases, you can travel safely. These suitcases are made of hard material, keeping all luggage safe. Because of the striking colors, your customer will always recognize their suitcase. Beagles Originals suitcases are available in three different sizes.

Our suitcases in your store?

Do you want to assure your customer of an enjoyable trip? Then get Beagles Originals' suitcases into your store. Create a free demo account and take a look at our entire travel assortment. Want to place an order? Then convert your demo account to a customer account via the 'become a customer' button within your demo account and place your first order!

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Suitcase available in different sizes and unique colors

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