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Our bags, wallets and accessories

Belts and accessories

In addition to bags and wallets, we also sell belts and other accessories.

A belt should be of good quality, despite it being an 'ordinary' everyday product for many consumers. We pay attention to quality so that our belts last for years. As a belts wholesaler, we are pleased to offer you a wide selection to choose from.

We have also added accessories to our product range. From leather aprons to make-up bags and shoulder straps. We give you a choice of accessories from a variety of brands. Find out more about us as an accessories wholesaler.

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Sustainable production

Sustainability is a high priority for us. We are constantly looking for improvements in sourcing, production and transport. We are transparent about our progress and are happy to tell you more about our sustainable approach. Our bags are made at our factory in India. We also have collaborations with our suppliers in Italy, France and China. We produce only at product sites that are controlled and audited according to strict AMFORI rules.